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Congregacion Viene

Hello! This is my very first post here! I'm a fairly new member, so this may have been posted previously. I don't know much about psych-folk music, but I want to share with you this little one, which may or may not be psych-folk exactly, but you can tell me if it isn't and I can learn. Okay!

Congregacion is from Chile! Their music is in Spanish and it's very beautiful. Unfortunately, I don't have any of the lyrics or the translations, but even if you don't know Spanish you can feel it. The songs were all written by Antonio Smith, and I can't really find very much information about Antonio Smith or his music other than this.

This is the band, and what they play (I translated the instruments from Spanish, so I may be off on a few.)

Antonio Smith - vocals, guitar, megaphone, plectrófono (can't translate this)
Alejandro - guitar, harmonica, vocals
Alberto - bass, guitar, vocals
Baltasar - percussion, guitar, vocals
Carlos - flute, tambourine, percussion
Also with
Johan - vocals
Richy - bass
Grumpy - cello
Gino - cello
Eduardo - piano (Los Jaivas)
Gabriel - trutruca (Los Jaivas)
Julio - vocals (Amerindios)

The title of the one song that's all messed up in the title is called "El dulce espíritu de la soledad, ama la muerte hermano," I didn't want to go back to fix it! But otherwise it should be okay (please let me know if it isn't!)

Track Listing
1. Estrecha a tu hermano
2. Arrebol
3. Mentes prenadas de amor
4. Síntesis de la exitancia
5. El dulce espíritu de la soledad, ama la muerte hermano
6. Tanto parcelamiento
7. Eclíptica
8. Atrapados por un pensamiento
9. Fantástico
10. Cosas que suceden
11. Cuantos que no tienen y merecen
12. Mengano
13. Y regresaras a tu cuarto

Congregacion - Congregacion Viene (1972) ~60mb

I hope you enjoy it. If you like this and if it is okay for this community, let me know and I might be able to upload some of the other work of Antonio Smith. Thank you!

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